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  • Content Questions/Concerns: webmaster [at]

Replace the [at] with @, sorry...spam and all that...

You can also try contacting Paladin through these channels:

  • I have a program called Trillian that multimanages the five major instant chatting programs: AIM, MSNM, Y!-IM, ICQ, and IRC Chat. So you can use any of those channels to get in touch. Here are my screen names:

    AOL IM: PaladinMRB
         MSN IM: (screen name PaladinMRB)
    Yahoo! IM: PaladinMRB
         ICQ: # 300296461

    I am usually signed on to AIM, however please heed away messages. Often I may not be at the computer or if I'm busy I will simply ignore IMs. HOWEVER, if I am NOT AWAY I am a very friendly person and like to meet and talk with people.

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